Kairos Weightlifting provides two types of coaching. ONLINE COACHING covers programming and online technical coaching for athletes as well as Team Workouts where Kairos athletes train together live. ELITE COACHING is a more elaborate type of coaching for those that want to optimize their results through all the elements that indirectly influence their performance. Examples include:

-Optimizing your sleeping habits
-Nutrition coaching to improve your relationship with food, fuel your body better or both

-Mental coaching when it comes to adhering to good habits overall 

All the above is adjusted to your specific situation. At Kairos Weightlifting, we do not write meal plans, we teach you how to eat properly. We emphasize a healthy relationship with food over number crunching. We use science as a framework and will not force silly hype diets or overpriced supplements on you. We will work together to find what helps you get the most out of your sport while still enjoying life.

Regardless of your choice, every coaching trajectory is adjusted to what you need, want and are comfortable with. See below for both coaching options.


What do you get?

  • A training program that is constantly monitored and adjusted
  • Feedback on lifting technique through Whatsapp within 48 hours
  • At least 35 opportunities per year to join team sessions or a seminar
  • The option to be coached at weightlifting competitions
  • The option to a 20-30 minute call every 8-12 weeks to evaluate your progress and experience 

375 euro per 3 months

140 euros per month (only offered as an extension for current Kairos members)


What do you get?

  • Everything from online coaching, as well as:
  • The option to weekly 20-30 minute calls where we evaluate your week in terms of training, nutrition, lifestyle and related factors
  • Nutrition or lifestyle assignments, completely catered to your personal situation

570 euros per 3 months

210 euros per month (only offered as an extension for current Kairos members)
If you have any questions on how we work and what you can expect from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jeremy at kairosweightlifting@gmail.com or simply fill in the contact form.